Sports Services

Press On Sports offers comprehensive sport programs for all ages, which include competitive academies, leagues, and travel teams, as well as enrichment classes, after-school programming, mentorship programs, and community tournaments. 


Press On Sports focuses on developing technical skills and physical condition, which will help children maximize their athletic performance and future success. We also emphasize our programs in the development of important values, such as respect, hard work, and team integration, because our objective is not only to develop athletes, but also to develop role model citizens.


There are a variety of programs and sports that we provide including but not limited to:


  • Swish Hoops! Basketball

  • Baseball

  • Softball 

  • Flag Football

  • Soccer 

  • Volleyball

  • Multi sports programs

  • Swish Hoops! On the Go


Press On Sports presents an On The Go program that goes to your neighborhood for private and group classes. These classes vary from 1-on-1, small groups (2-3 kids) and regular groups (4-6 kids).  Our main focus is development of basketball skills in order to move your child’s game to the next level. Another key point for us is the development of physical strength and conditioning. Last but not least, we focus on promoting important values, such as commitment, hard work, respect, and teamwork.


We also offer a number of birthday party options. From basketball to kickball, we supply the coaches, referees, and all equipment needed.  Some of the different activities and themes we offer include all the sports mentioned above, in addition to dodgeball, kickball and a variety of relay races. You can have a single theme for your entire party or mix and match the different activities for a truly unique birthday party experience!