Sports & Mentorship (Dual Program)

Our Dual Program is a combination of mentoring, leadership, and sports.  This is a truly unique program in which children develop leadership and mentorship skills through the practice of their favorite sports. We truly believe that this program benefits the community and can be a key factor for developing role model citizens. The program’s mission statement is: “Motivate young people to reach their fullest potential through the positive influence of sports.”  


The goals of this program are:

  • Develop leadership skills through sports

  • Empower children to maximize their fullest potential

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle 

  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence

  • Instill social skills and positive values such us respect, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork 

  • Acquire the fundamentals of sports; improve skills and performance 

  • Provide a comprehensive sports experience through training and competition 

  • Promote a passion for sports


This program is designed for children between ages 12 and 18. Children from ages 5 to 11 will be guided through the leadership program in the teaching of values through sports.  The following list shows the four major components of the leadership & mentorship program:


  • Being a Leader (Development of Leadership Skills & the Use of Those Leadership Skills)

  • Self-Awareness (Becoming an Active Learner)

  • Public Speaking (Effective Communication & College Preparation)

  • Conflict Resolution (Drug/Alcohol Awareness, Diet/Nutrition, & Sexual Harassment/Assault)