Enhancing communities through the sports

Press On Consulting: This division analyzes the current sports and recreational programming and facilities of the client in an effort to identify opportunities for additional revenue streams and cost savings. It brings revenues solutions and optimization analysis for both, big organizations and organizations with limited resources. Press On Consulting provides comprehensive sports programs, coaches, referees, marketing assistance and organizes special events.

Press On Scouting & professional consulting:
Provides scouting services, analysis and evaluations of players and teams, tryout events, professional coaching, negotiation with agents and contracts. Press On Sports has partners in South America and Europe.

Press On Communication:
Optimizes the marketing and communication of the sports program by creating communication and public relations plans, newsletters, custom websites, social media, text message alert and flyers among others.

Press On Special Events:
This program focuses on special tournaments, fundraisings and customized sports events.